iPad Repair

Welcome to iPad Repair where all ipads are done on the spot walk-in for latest popular model and We only use original glass and our staff if fully certified and professionally trained and Our clients from all over in Canada ship ipads to us please call us for any inquiry please visit us here and contact 416-831-5257 and 905-361-1249

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iPad Repair by Model Mississauga Toronto iPad Glass Screen Repair Walk-in Centre

How long doe it take and how much it will cost?
iPad model Prices walk-in repair availble
iPad Pro 9.7-inch, iPad Air 3 call us yes
iPad Pro (10.5-inch) call us yes
iPad Pro 11-inch call us yes
iPad Pro 12.9-inch, iPad Pro (12.9-inch, 2nd generation) call us yes

You will get warrant for the every device we fix and our contacts are 905-361-1249 416-831-5257

iPad Repair Oakville

If you have the cracked glass and needed to get from ipad repair oakville then you can bring yours in at our store front location to get it done in an hour. Our express support and glass replacement comes with warranty and it doesnt matter what model you carry, iPad air, ipad min, ipad pro all types of parts We carry in stock. All types of payment accepted Visa, Mc, Amex and debit.

iPad Repair Etobicoke

Getting your ipad repair etobicoke on the spot in etobicoke is not very hard find if you simply visit us at Kmaster Electronics official site where every ipad screen repair done while you wait or in few hours, extra staff just got hired from our team, and We are expanding our network all across canada for cell phone repair shops , computer and mac repair and unlocking business. please call us to get more information.

iPad Screen Repair Burlington

We have the location near you for the ipad screen repair burlington, Its all wak-in and no appointment needed , We provide all ipads sacreen replacement with warranty, We always do testing for all the functionality to make sure all working the way you bought it, please visit Kmaster Electronics to get more information about our walk-in

iPad 2 Screen Repair

Look for an ipad 2 screen repair are professionally done and We are the pro when it comes to get any ipad screen repalcement within the hour and if you want to know which model you have just give us a call at 416-831-5257 and technicians can answer every single quesiton you have for the ipad problems walk-in place to get every ipad glass replacement shop

iPhone 5c Screen Repair Mississauga

Driving along dundas or eglington ave any major road is fine whne you needed an iphone 5c screen repair mississauga and everyone is aware the back of the iphone 5c is plastic and once it gets little scratch its very hard to fix but glass and lcd which comes in one piece is very easy to replace and you can visit www.kmasterelectronics.com to get full support and advise and cost.

iPad Mini Screen Repair Etobicoke

If you have the model which you area not sure and looking for ipad mini screen repair etobicoke We can assist you finding the correct model and best prices if you needed to get the glass replace in less than 2 hours and want to find out what type of lcd glass screen is bering used you can for sure visit www.KmasterElectronics.com for ipad cracked display, water damage, battery replacement and even software issue 3594 error and want to jailbreak can also be found by calling 416-831-5257 please visit us for any support you needed for all apple ipads.

iPad 3 Screen Repair

iPad 3 screen repair can be done on the spot in an hour less and our team always has the part in stock our parts comes with all stuff you needed to install properly please call our support team to get your full information and prices , be sure to let us know which model you have. if you dont know then We can help you

iPad Screen repair Mississauga

One name and one direction you needed to get your ipad screen repair mississauga and the most common problem starts from the glass if you needed to know which model you have and you want a free quote then please call us at 416-831-5257 and all ipads repairs comes with warranty and if you are curious to know how long it takes you may watch some videos then you will understand the whole process and if you want to do it yourself you can also buy parts from us and We can help you getting proper tools, also We have a training area also available at Kmaster Electronics